This morning’s WWDC keynote

This morning’s WWDC keynote

I’d say this is a fairly balanced summary.

My take (as a semi-fanboi who followed a few of the live streams from 3am local time): Apple is definitely getting on with the job of being… Jobsless.

The most obvious example: while everyone else is still figuring out how to sell MacBook Air clones, Apple has shipped a beast that leaves every other laptop/Ultrabook in existence for dead. (Can you tell I want one?)

They’ve drawn a satisfying line between their mobile and desktop platforms, too. Similar UI’s are being delivered where it makes sense (hello, Messages and Notifications in Mountain Lion!), but the operating systems remain as distinct as they should. The same can’t be said for, say, Windows 8.

Anyway. Whatever your take, I’m sure we can agree that we live in interesting times.