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RPN mode in macOS Calculator

If you’ve spent an unhealthy quantity of time with me, you already know that I have a bit of a thing for RPN (performing calculations without an “equals” operation at the end), HP calculators (even though they’re not built like they used to be), buttons with the proper tactile response, and other Very Important Considerations related to choosing a calculator.

It’s not important that serious calculators pale into insignificance beside modern smartphones and tablets. I will always cherish the memory of my HP32SII and no, I’m not weird, you’re weird.

Anyway, I discovered something in the built-in Calculator app in macOS High Sierra the other day: RPN MODE. Which means one doesn’t need to run the very excellent PCalc to confuse everyone who doesn’t understand RPN.

Seriously. Just press ⌘R.

Why wasn’t this mentioned during a keynote, Apple?

Update: it looks like this feature has been available since OS X Tiger. I’m shook.