OS X Server doesn’t cache iOS 8

Based on my testing this morning, although the caching service on OS X Mavericks Server is supposed to cache iOS updates, and although it does a perfectly good job caching App Store content, it does NOT cache iOS 8 itself.

For those of us who manage large iPad deployments (and would prefer iOS 8 to be installed by end-users), this is a problem. Potentially a multiple-terabytes-through-a-finite-pipe problem.

Thankfully the Squid hack I figured out during the iOS 7 launch works with iOS 8 too. Otherwise we’d be in trouble.

4 thoughts on “OS X Server doesn’t cache iOS 8”

  1. Yeah. I found out about Squid yesterday afternoon, and spent all day working on setting it up…just because of this. Didn’t take long, and I’m very happy with the results…

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